Cindy + Nati | Israel Engagement Session//November 16, 2012

israeli wedding photographers

There is something so exhilarating about exploring new locations, especially when you’re doing it with such a fabulous couple. Cindy and Nati chose the ancient Caesarea port as the backdrop for their engagement photos, on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. Strolling through the ruins of what used to be a bustling port and city around 2000 years ago is not something you can do very often. It is so rich with history and beautiful views everywhere you look: gorgeous ancient stone pathways and walls, plam trees and the Mediterranean sea. To me, photographing couples is telling a story, but the story needs some supporting elements. I love showcasing the location and providing context to the imagery. In doing so, I feel like I can tell the complete story. Capiche? 馃檪

I knew we were getting great images as soon as we started shooting. I was inspired by Cindy and Nati’s level of comfort in front of the camera. It was almost like I wasn’t even there, and they were incredibly sweet and natural. I barely had to pose them!
爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 讘讬诐israeli engagement session爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 拽讬住专讬讛爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 拽讬住专讬讛爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 拽讬住专讬讛
爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 拽讬住专讬讛爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 拽讬住专讬讛爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 拽讬住专讬讛爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 讘讬诐爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 讘讬诐爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 讘讬诐爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 讘讬诐Special thanks to my sister Olivia who assisted me on this shoot!
爪讬诇讜诪讬 讗讬专讜住讬谉 讘讬诐

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