Natalie + Lior, Baya’ar, Israel נטלי וליאור, ביער//August 10, 2010

Israel Destination Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, one has to consider many elements while looking through the viewfinder: directionality and strength of light, composition, exposure, timing, posing, and more. The goal is, to tell a story using photos. And of course, the photos need not only to tell a story, they need to be visually pleasing, beautiful images. Those photographs that successfully combine all the elements, become timeless images, unique only to one couple.

I met Natalie and Lior online, after they met online. How’s that for a modern day wedding photography story? After photographing weddings in the US for nearly a decade, I was thrilled at the opportunity to photograph an Israeli wedding! It was a very exciting and heart warming day.
israeli wedding photographer
israeli wedding photographer
israel destination wedding

Lior’s story inspired many in Israel, including Natalie. After being wounded twice while serving in the army (and the second time nearly killed him), Lior’s will to live, and the desire to continue serving his country truly are inspirational. After reading about him in the paper, Natalie decided she must contact him, and so she did – through Facebook.

Their venue, Baya’ar, was spectacular. Located in one of the few and most beautiful nature reserves along Israel’s coastline, Baya’ar (“in the forest” in Hebrew) offered stunning decor and brought the outdoors inside.
רועי דורי צלום חתונות
רועי דורי צלום חתונות

groomsmen photos bayaar
israeli destination wedding photography

Time to make this real! In Jewish tradition, the groom and witnesses have to sign the “Ketubah”, an ancient document that specifies the groom’s commitments to the bride.
רועי דורי צלום חתונות

roee dori photography
israeli destination wedding photographer
israel destination wedding photographer

roee dori photography

Let’s party!
bayaar israel

first dance photograph bayaar israel

רועי דורי צלום חתונות

Congrats to Natalie and Lior!

  1. Roee,
    These are such beautiful pictures. Unbelievable what you can do with that camera.
    I love the one with them in the middle and all the bridesmaid in the background.
    Congrats to the lovely couple

  2. Exceptional photos to an exceptional story! Beautiful.

  3. Remarkable !!!! You captured all the magical moments of that special evening.

  4. Beautiful! what a great photographer! 😉

  5. It felt like I was there. The wedding party at the edge of the forest
    was relaxed and dream-like. You included the vastness of space and
    architecture in the reception photo. Brilliant!

  6. Thank you Roee, for being an amazing photographer (and storyteller!) but ever more importantly a great person to spend your wedding day with!
    Felt like we met a friend, and as you say, if we met each other online – why not?!

    thanks again,
    love ya

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