1. These pictures are wonderful Roee! You did a fabulous job, of course.

  2. These are amazing – such loving and warm photos!
    The Halycon one is great, what a cool engagement photo.

  3. I love it…Roee the pictures are great. Very original, interesting and loving.

  4. Whew. Tears in my eyes and all choked up seeing these pictures of the two of you together. Tears of joy, I must add. I’m so happy for you both.


  5. fay bliume { Dec 1, 2009 } Reply

    Beautiful photos of a couple of beautiful people. Yo – you all are looking good! I think you’re on the right track with these Israelis!!!

  6. Susan Broussard { Dec 1, 2009 } Reply

    My favorite is the couple dancing in the street. The warm tones
    and her ring catching the light says engagement photo. Nice work.

  7. WOW !! Beautiful Shots, I’m always blown away by your talent to capture a feeling in every shot.

  8. amazing pics! love you (:

  9. My dearest brother, those pictures are so beautiful, they almost make me want to get married myself (not gonna happen anytime soon, not to worry). Love you (:


  10. Very nice bdalck !
    I especially liked the pic under the bridge and the one at halycon.


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