Yakir Ben-Hur, Pianist, Composer//November 13, 2009

Music has always played an important role in my life. It gave me independence at a young age and a sense of freedom I don’t recall getting anywhere else. From listening to Sunday Bloody Sunday in junior high to Muse more recently, music is always with me. It cheers me up when I’m down. It motivates me to work. It thrills me.

I have a great admiration for musicians, and I’m always ecstatic when I get a chance to photograph one. A while ago, I was invited to document the recordings of Yakir Ben-Hur‘s first studio album. Yakir is an extremely talented musician. His passion and dedication are endless, and every note he plays articulates his joyful approach to music. The atmosphere in the studio was so relaxed, my presence was hardly noticed, even though I rarely stopped shooting:

Jazz recordings city college

Yakir Ben-Hur

Yakir Ben-Hur

Yakir Ben-Hur

Avishai Cohen, Eli Degibri, Kobi Salomon

Yakir’s album, A Sonny Day is a tribute to the late pianist Sonny Clark. Yakir can currently be seen in concerts with Amel Larrieux and is a faculty member at The New School University.

YB  633

  1. wow! those pic are great and i’ll love to hear yakirs work!

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