we heart minnesota//October 7, 2009

We had been waiting a long time for this vacation, so after shooting Lisa and Billy’s wedding (coming soon!) we took our bags, baby, and camera and headed to MN.
The race to gain 10% of my body weight got off to a good start thanks to Noah’s (G’s brother) bbq skills:MN09-108

Noa and Mason (her cousin) were having fun in the pool, right after Mason showed us how to ride the bicycle at 20 months old:



The next few days were blissful: Noa was taking 3 hr naps and sleeping in a full additional hour in the morning! If you’re a parent, you know how special that is. Minnesota was a vacation for her as well! A quick trip to Como Zoo magnified some other differences between MN and NY (firstly, there is no such thing as a quick trip to the zoo in NY…) Noa enjoyed the giraffes in particular:MN09-114

but she may have enjoyed washing herself in a puddle better:


Such a little brat.
Can’t visit the twin cities without going to French Meadow Cafe:MN09-117


Our last day was dedicated entirely to the Minnesota State Fair. Wow. My second time only meant I was focused better: on fried cheese curds. I did not eat the chocolate covered bacon. Noa was enjoying the live performance:




People of Minnesota, we hope to see you very soon again!

  1. She is WAY too precious

  2. she is SO pretty. I miss her so much!

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